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Questions and Answers

Do citizens of Russia, Ukraine , Kazakhstan, visiting Azerbaijan need visa and forein passport?
A visa is not required. Forein passport needed .

Do we need medical card or any medical documents for treatment in Naftalan sanatorium?
If possible, bring with you a medical card , surveys , CT, MRI ( if you have any), and a doctor's opinion. This is not neccesary, but facilitates and shortens the survey process in a sanatorium.

Can children take naftalan treatment?
Children can take naftalan treatment from 6 y.o.

What is included and what additional treatments are available ?
The price includes accommodation, examination, treatment naftalanovaja , 3 meals a day . Additional procedures you can assign a doctor after the examination on arrival .

Is there in sanatoriums currency exchange offices ?
At the reception you will exchange any currency into manats. Or, you can use the money exchangers in Naftalan or airport.

Do they organize any excursions on the resorts?
Yes , hotels organize excursions to Ganja, Shaki, as well as exotic nature places such as Hajikend, GeyGel .

Do you organize a transfer?
Yes, you can order us a transfer from the airports of Ganja and Baku. The transfer fee from Baku airport to the resort and back - $ 200 (on the machine). Transfer cost from the airport to the resort of Ganja and back - $ 50 (on the machine). Transfer from the airport Ganja to the Chinar hotel and back costs $ 65.

Do I need special clothes for Naftalan baths?
During Naftalan therapy we recommend to use dark underwear.