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Nafthalan - is returned to thousands of health, it would seem hopelessly sick people!

Nafthalan - is rich "black gold" gift of Azerbaijani lands. As the sages say, this is an arterial blood of the earth, the giver of our vitality.

Naftalan Resort

Naftalan resort is located 50 km from the ancient city of Ganja (Kirovabads), the second largest city in Azerbaijan, in a green area in a pine park on the shore of an artificial lake. In the shady alleys of the park created a great comfortable atmosphere for rest and treatment.

The history of the Resort Naftalan has its origins in 1873, when the naphthalene was extracted manually from shallow wells. "Thick blood of the earth" - the so-called naphthalene. It has been over 100 years since the beginning of the study and application of therapeutic properties naftalan. Its efficacy in various diseases confirmed by the results of more than 1,600 scientific papers and monographs.


Location and climate

Naftalan city located in the foothills of the Lesser Caucasus. In the 70-80 km from the north-east stretches the horizon overlying the Main Caucasian Ridge. In the 30-35 km to the west of the city is surrounded by the Lesser Caucasus mountains. The city Naphthalene many green parks, consisting mainly of pine trees, works on landscaping. As a result, shut out the main Caucasian mountain range in the north and Lesser Caucasus Mountains in the south and south-west of the Arctic (north) and the other cold air mass is dominated by a temperate climate

Medicinal properties naftalan

Naftala oil absorbed through the skin, has a positive effect on capillary blood flow, improves circulation in small blood vessels, dilates blood vessels, reduces blood clotting, increased activity fementativnyh processes, stimulates all body functions., Has antimicrobial activity. 

History of naphthalan oil

The first mention of Naphthalan found in the works of the great Azerbaijani poet and thinker Nizami Ganjavi (1141-1201), where he writes about his observations of oil export naphthalan caravans from the village of Safi-Kurd, located near the present city of naphthalene.

Legend of Naftalan

It was in ancient times, at the beginning of the 6th century AD. The caravan of merchants passed by the town , where now is the city naphthalene . In these places there were many lakes of muddy water. To prevent damage to the camels, drove them from the water .

In a camel caravan was different from his other fellow thinness and disease . He did not stand on his feet and was moaning so loudly that infuriated his master. So much so, that the caravan -bashi ordered the dismissal of a sick animal from the caravan : " It is better to die poisoned by toxic water local lakes , than to live with the painful disease . "